Sometimes, generally after an initial series of classic biofield tunings, I will offer the client a session tuning their four elements. I intend for them to all flow and be in balance with each other.

Testimonial November 2020:
I have had a number of biofield tuning sessions with Jackie and found the therapy very beneficial and powerful at clearing old trauma from my system. I am fascinated by astrology and was very keen to experience her work on the elements. I have very little of one element and quite a lot of the other three so I knew it would be beneficial for me to have this treatment. I really felt balanced after our session and felt a lovely flow in my system and a sense of peace and tranquility afterwards.
I found Jackie to be highly intuitive and caring. She really goes the extra mile for her clients and this is evident in her sessions.
Oonagh C, Galway

Why Tune Your Elements?

Your four elements lead to systemic reactions in life. in fact, most difficulties in people’s lives stem from habitual thought patterns created in childhood, and those patterns often keep repeating. They repeat until your energy flow starts to slow down.  The aim of a Classical Biofield Tuning series is to restore the flow based on that premise. After the sessions, you may be flowing nicely and yet you feel you still need confidence in certain aspects of your life. This can be due to inherited patterns you have to contend with that are behind your life story – an astrology chart will reveal the imbalances you have do deal with.

When I work with your elements as revealed by a simple birth chart, I set out to tune your inherited patterns. To do so, I examine the distribution of your elements and work to release movement and facilitate clarity for you. I do this with a tuning of your elements. Tuning your elements can empower you and strengthen your life purpose.

Your Dominant Element

Each of us has a dominant element, some more than others. That is to say, our elements may be more or less equal in proportion, or we may be scarce in one or two elements. The art of Astrology can analyse your elements in order to reveal your dominant element. In addition, you will more than likely have a weaker connection to one or two elements. Perhaps you can observe in your own life which element you are not exhibiting, or which one you have an excess of. It is a challenge for us all to balance an abundance or an excess of an element in our birth chart. Since in life we aim for balance, the journey is the discovery how to balance all four elements.

Of course, some people naturally grow beyond their birth chart and show no sign of lacking their weak element. Whenever someone outgrows their inherited tendencies they are freer to spontaneously maintain their inner freedom as balanced beings. I found that tuning their elements with Biofield Tuning can facilitate this. After you receive a tuning, you may find you no longer react to things in a customary fashion. In other words, external influences no longer affect you adversely because your inner core is stronger.

For many of us there are key times in our lives when we should pay attention to our four elements. Let’s sharpen our focus on inner balancing by taking a look at each of the four elements in turn.

The Cycle of Elements

One particular element influences the other in a cycle. Each element leads to the next:

Water leads to Air leads to Fire leads to Earth leads to Water as the cycle starts over again.

The Fifth Element

While we each consist of four main elements, there is an indirectly connected fifth one. This hidden fifth element is ETHER. In humans, when we have a strong connection to the ether, we have developed our sense of “knowing” the truth. It is an essence that is omnipresent from which everything springs into being. Imagine a state of oneness that can subdivide into polar opposites and create life forms.

Ether behaves a little like the Air element but is deeper, and is the stuff that prophets are made of. Often if you have a strong ether you will harbour new creative forms of thinking. It is an important element for our times, and it infuses us a new consciousness to deal with the subtle cosmic shifts taking place. If our main elements are in balance, we can start to strengthen our connection with the ether safely.

At the start of a session I strike the fork and call in the ether. My intent is to create the sacred space for ether to occupy. Again at the end of the element tuning I tune your ether so we may truly open into its energy. In reality, ether contains all our potential. Maintaining a good solid connection with the ether assists us materialise our dreams.

The Gifts and Excesses of the Five Elements

Here is a quick review of each element, including the dangers of excess.


Water Gifts –  compromise, a state of relaxation, going with the flow, empathy with others, and intuition.

Water in Excess – Sense of overwhelm, self-pit, hard to say “no”, unable to defend your point of view, sacrifice your goals for others, overtly sexual, need for gratification


Air Gifts – Creative, inspiring thoughts, good at ideas, powers of persuasion, flexible and able to adapt

Air in Excess – Ungrounded, living in fantasy world, unable to see things through, scattered mind, impractical


Fire Gifts – Will power, sex drive, accomplishes dreams, transforms doubts, embrace opportunities, strong against adversity

Fire in Excess – anger, frustration, too fast a pace of life, impatient


Earth Gift – grounded, feeling secure, dependant, nature-loving, practical

Earth in Excess – over-cautious, obstinate, melancholic, lethargic, narrow-minded, inflexible


Ether Gift – future -oriented, problem solver, universal consciousness, altruistic concerns for society or the Earth

Ether in Excess- addictions, ego problems, nervous disposition, unpredictable energy pattern

How I Align Your Elements in your Biofield

How do I align your elements? Please understand that I am creating a mental construct here which has proven to work for me in balancing my clients’ energies. First I align the four elements with the four cardinal directions: Water is West, Air is East, Fire is North and Earth is south. In terms of tuning your four elements, I place Water (west) on your right hand side, Air (east) on your right hand side, Fire (north) above your crown,  and Earth (south) below your feet.  When I tune a person I start with whatever element they are weakest in. I tune from the direction I ascribe for that element. When receiving this special form of tuning, clients state they feel they are placed in a gentle, pleasant and somehow familiar flow.

How I Tune Your Elements in your Biofield

Tuning your elements in biofield tuning boils down to a thorough solar plexus healing. Often I pivot the tuning around the solar plexus chakra in your body. We need the elements to return to the centre so that they can harmonise your actions and thoughts. Your solar plexus lies just below your sternum, where your rib cage attaches to the front of your body.  Often it is slightly higher than your elbows if you stand with your arms by your side.

I use a typical time line of five feet to comb in toward the solar plexus in each direction. In this way I use a timeline in your biofield for each of your elements. A shortage and a glut of any element affects us. Therefore, after switching on the ignition in your weakest element I then may tune the strongest element present to calm it down. I then can check how that affects the weak element. Within a treatment I expect a clearer and more coherent vibration or tone each time I tune the weaker element(s).

Eventually I will follow the cycle of elements around and persevere until they all auto-adjust their tones and sound similar. A similar tone all the way round tells me they are balanced. Of course as we work on the respective time lines, we find events and feelings that relate directly to the quality of each element.

The Tone of the Elements

The tone reflects the quality of the each element the forks are working with.  It is important to distinguish between what is the actual tonal element and what is the individual’s tone. I am aiming at coherence in tone by the end of the session, and I need to be aware of the natural tonal variations in the elements. Vibrations moving through the water element will sound subtle different to vibrations moving through air! After the session you can expect to feel in gentle flow and in a mellow, expansive state of being.

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