About Jackie Queally

Jackie Queally is an experienced Energy Medicine Practitioner & Author of many books

About Jackie Queally

You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

Biofield tuning is a form of energy medicine that engenders emotional healing. Once you emotionally healed of scars that you often don’t even realise you are carrying, physical health improves. Gradually you feel freer to explore deeper alignments such as your soul purpose. The work is akin to “soul retrieval” but always under your own control. I would rather assist you in your own healing purpose rather than wave a magic wand when I yield the fork!

Reflexology for Self-Help

In the 90s in beautiful Edinburgh I ran several weekly classes in reflexology. I qualified as a reflexology with the intent from the start to teach reflexology to as many people as possible as a means of regulating their health and wellbeing. My teacher was Dr Nicola Hall who ran the Bayly School Reflexology

I had already trained in Spiritual Healing in the late 80s with another medical doctor Dr Carol Brierly of the Prometheus School of Healing. I won the dowsing prize in my graduation class. Although I has some remarkable successes in helping people I felt uneasy about working in this manner as I felt the healing energy runs through all veins of life, and to monetize it was not my life purpose.

Dowsing Leylines

Once my children reached high school age I started a specialist tour company Celtic Trails in Scotland, and often taught clients on my day tours to dowse ley lines at ancient sites. I absolutely love dowsing and since have worked a little with my dowsing pendulum. Dowsing has many applications. For instance I have dowsed to help clear houses of negative energies, find missing objects or missing people, advised on planting, and given distant healing. Then I’ve conducted constructive dialogues to aid clients in their decision-making. Dowsing is an integral part of the Biofield Tuning protocol, and that was one of the reasons it appealed to me so much,

More About Jackie Queally

After ten years of leading tours, many of which included the famous Rosslyn Chapel where I became the first established external guide, I moved to Ireland. I decided I wanted to help my father remain in his own home. He had dementia and required supervision and care. Whenever I led a tour I focused on earth energies, including fairy spots, and nature. I also pursued my interest in therapies, and for a few years even worked as a body-centred Raynor Massage therapist, helping clients release deep stress and pain. I also continued writing books that acknowledge the presence of subtle energies.

Finally I Found Biofield Tuning!

A local friend introduced me to Biofield Tuning having seen it on YouTube. As I was a sound healer at the time too I started to use forks on my clients and as soon as a course was offered in Europe I went to train in Oxford. I am one of a relatively few Biofield tuners in the Republic of Ireland from that original batch of fifteen fully qualified tuners in Europe. When I first began to practise Biofield Tuning in 2016 I worked on many self-aware therapists. I am so grateful for their invaluable feedback. Biofield Tuning restores you to your authentic self. What a service to be involved in! What an honour!

Tuning From A Distance

In addition to one-one clients, I started working with distant clients by 2018. Remote work is just as powerful and rewarding as live sessions for both client and I. I even include some toning as I find it amplifies the effect. The internet facilitates a wonderful opportunity to help anyone worldwide to evolve. The more authentic we become, the better our world becomes.