Achieve Good Health and Vitality with Biofield Tuning

Do you want to achieve good health and vitality and live your life with resilience, adaptability and grace? Or perhaps you seek deep relaxation and helpful insights into how you operate? Then I invite you to experience this remarkable energy medicine, supported by “new thinking” in science, and sound research. You can achieve good health and vitality with biofield tuning.  Using tuning forks I apply tonal frequencies in your electro-magnetic field. Then as your energy field absorbs the tones, you auto-adjust through resonance to a healthy, natural state of increased energy and well-being. Indeed, this system not only stabilises you; it facilitates the life changes you desire.

Why Biofield Tuning?

I’ve been actively involved in healing for past 40 years.  And with insights gained I am confident I can help you achieve good health and vitality with Biofield Tuning. This is a method that uses powerful sound vibrations, combined with intent and occasional deep breathwork. It’s an energy medicine works at a subtle yet potentially measurable level.

It started decades ago when I had a dream of sound becoming the future medicine for humanity. My dream has materialised with Biofield Tuning. For I find it to be a genuine pathway offering a more scientific approach into exploring the effects of vibration on matter and consciousness. Moreover I sincerely believe Biofield Tuning is an ideal medium to help others on their journey to health and full potential. Read more about Biofield Tuning.


Jackie Queally
Biofield Tuning is non-judgemental. In practice it allows a wonderful  process that works at a deeper energetic level than the mind, so you can achieve good health and vitality


Jackie Queally

Achieve Good Health and Vitality with Remote Biofield Tuning Sessions

Book a session of biofield tuning remotely via Zoom, and experience for yourself how lighter, more centred and focused you will feel. Book a series, and realise that inner freedom to reach your potential.

In addition, any pains are often significantly reduced and there are countless improvements in health. With multiple sessions Biofield Tuning can reprogramme your body and mind. Not only will this result in improved health and wellbeing; it creates beneficial  shifts in your life. 

How does Remote Biofield Tuning Work?

During a distance biofield tuning session I create a hologram of you and work around your energy field with an activated tuning fork. It works as effectively as in person sessions do. If you attend in person the standard protective measures apply. Either way, I  can detect and access any time in your life when a difficult time or trauma has restricted your energy flow. The sound frequencies will assist you auto-adjust to your optimum vibration. Moreover the process helps integrate such experiences that you could not adequately deal with at the time. After the session expect to feel lighter and more present, with your symptoms reduced or alleviated. Often sooner than later you can achieve good health and vitality. Watch the video below which explains more!