Achieve Vitality and Sustained Good Health

Do you wish for vitality and sustained good health? Would you like to spend more of your waking time in a state of deeper relaxation? And how about gaining personal insights into what prevents you from living a fuller more vibrant life? I can offer you a unique powerful therapy, supported by “new thinking” in science, and exciting research into sound and vibration.  Although the session is gentle and non-invasive the response is very positive. Based near Edinburgh in a beautiful village, I offer many sessions remotely with the same lasting effects. 

It is very possible to achieve good health and vitality when you receive Biofield Tuning. Using tuning forks I in effect smooth out the flow in your electro-magnetic field, which acts as a personal memory bank. Using your personal timeline I detect and remove any  static caused by trauma patterns and stuck emotions that often affect your health, perhaps without you even realizing…

After integrating and releasing the static from this memory field your emotional and physical health naturally returns to a calm balanced state.

Our emotions fuel our energy so it’s beneficial and wise to reclaim our scattered energies. Let your me assist you unwind and reconnect to your core as your energy field absorbs the healing frequencies of the tuning forks. This therapy not only stabilizes you; it facilitates the life changes you desire.

I also work with nature enabling people to connect deeper into the natural energies all around us.

How I help you achieve vitality and sustained good health

What happens in a Remote Biofield Tuning Session?

During a distance biofield tuning session I create a hologram of you and work around your energy field with an activated tuning fork. In fact, a remote session works as effectively as and in-person sessions. However, feel free to attend in person if you live close to West Fife in Scotland (fairly close to the Forth Road Bridge). Either way, by paying attention to the vibrations as I move the forks I will detect and access any time in your life when a difficult time or trauma still impacts your optimum flow of energy essential for good health. Moreover, the forks’ sound frequencies assist you auto-adjust to your optimum vibration. To complete the process there is a protocol of integration, so that any experiences that you could not adequately deal with at the time are finally re-integrated.

After the session expects to feel lighter and more present, with your symptoms reduced or alleviated. Often sooner rather than later, you can achieve vitality and sustained good health. Watch the video which explains more!

Achieve Vitality – Book Your Remote or Live Session

You are welcome to book a session with me in my home in West Fife on the shores of the Firth of Forth. Alternatively you can book a session of biofield tuning remotely via Zoom. Whichever way you elect, you will experience for yourself how much lighter, more centred and focused you will feel. Furthermore, if you have any pains, they are often significantly reduced.

And when you book a short series, you can experience an inner freedom to reach your potential. More often than not, you will enjoy countless improvements in health. How? Because with more sessions, Biofield Tuning sustains lasting changes in your body and mind patterning as I facilitate a renewal of your natural frequency pattern.  Not only will this improve all aspects of your health and wellbeing: it leads to deep, beneficial shifts in your life.

Biofield Tuning

“Biofield Tuning really goes beyond self-care. It is a non-judgemental process frees up your electromagnetic flow so you can achieve vitality and sustain good health. Throughout the process it is working at a deeper energetic level than the mind.“

– Jackie Queally

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How to Achieve Vitality and Sustained Good Health with Biofield Tuning

Vitality and Sustained Good Health can be yours. Biofield Tuning is a form of vibrational healing, or energy medicine, that heals trauma and helps you ground. By establishing a steady earth connection your emotional healing goes deeper.

Based on my past practice as a dowser-healer I find Biofield Tuning is a perfect means for me to help people effortlessly shift into new patterns of positive health and behaviour. This is a method that uses powerful sound vibrations, combined with intent and occasional deep breathwork.

Adopting both a scientific and intuitive approach to exploring vibrations and consciousness I find Biofield Tuning is a genuine pathway for anyone to evolve on many levels, to achieve vitality and sustained good health and materialise their potential. It’s an energy medicine that truly works at a subtle yet powerful level.