Biofield Tuning Ireland

Jackie Queally

Do you want to enjoy good health and vitality and live your life with resilience, adaptability and grace?  Biofield Tuning is a remarkable energy medicine with new thinking and research behind it. Working in your electro-magnetic field I use tonal frequencies produced by tuning forks and voice with uplifting results to facilitate genuine changes you desire. If you seek deep relaxation and a powerful tool for insights into who you are, then contact me. 

Why Biofield Tuning?

I’ve had an interest in healing for past 40 years, in particular the effects of vibrations on consciousness. It started decades ago when I dreamt that sound will become the future medicine for humanity. Select sound vibration can be a powerful yet non-invasive healing tool that works in other, potentially measurable, dimensions. Biofield Tuning opens a pathway for a more scientific approach into the multi-dimensional beings that we truly are, helping us on our journey to health and full potential.

Biofield Tuning is non-judgemental. It can be a wonderful co-creative process that works at a deeper energetic level than the mind.


 Jackie Queally

How Does Biofield Tuning Work For My Clients?

I have been having sessions with Jackie for the past few weeks and it has been incredible. I’ve already started feeling more peace of mind and feeling more grounded. She is a lovely and gentle soul and my sessions with her have done me the greatest good!

Leyna Renaudin, London

Having invested in other forms of energy healing, I am impressed by the accuracy of time lines, the physical sensations at different stages of the session and the positive impact of biofield tuning sessions with Jackie. Compared with other methods Jackie’s Biofield Tuning approach has had the most positive effect on my system. Highly recommended.

Sinead McKenzie, France

I was involved in a serious car crash and as Jackie smoothed out the trauma using her forks, the constant pain in my knees lifted and did not return after I left the session. I found Jackie’s group tuning really powerful and beneficial and would recommend it to anyone.

Noel Brophy, Tipperary

Remote Biofield Tuning Sessions

After a session of biofield tuning which is conducted remotely by a video link, expect to feel lighter, more centred and focused, and freer to reach your potential.

Moreover, any pain is often reduced and there are significant improvements in health. With more sessions the biofield tuning can reprogramme your body and mind. Not only does this result in improved health and wellbeing, it also creates beneficial  shifts in your life. 

How Biofield Tuning Works

During our distance biofield tuning session I create a hologram of you and work around your energy field with an activated tuning fork. I can also work with you present with standard protective measures in place. Either way I  detect and access any area of your life that stores memory of a difficult time or trauma at any specific time in your life. The sound frequencies assist you auto-adjust to your optimum vibration. The process helps integrate experiences that were not adequately accepted at the time. After the session clients usually report feeling lighter, with their symptoms reduced and more than often long-term resolved.