I am a firm advocate of the power of sound frequencies to heal all manner of ailments, be it on the emotional, physical or spiritual level. This is because sound fundamentally affects matter.

All things on earth carry a frequency. I personally believe that the Biblical creation myth where it stated

“In the beginning was God, and the Word was with God”

is a simplification of how all of matter came into being through vibration.

Nowadays, the original divine word is a faraway concept for many. Nevertheless, it is a fact that whenever the human voice utters words, they consist of vibrations. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the power of words!

Vibrations Govern Our World

When I wrote my book Reconnecting with Celtic Trees I had the sense that every tree in the “Celtic Tree Calendar” was named by the ancients tuning into the unique vibrations of each native tree. The naming were their means of describing the energies that they sensed.

I was delighted therefore to read in Eileen McCusick’s cornerstone book Tuning the Human Biofield 2014 how research had proved that all matter is created according to frequencies felt. According to Max Planck the Nobel Peace prizewinner’s speech in 1918 he said:
“We have now discovered that there is no such thing as matter; it is all just different rates of vibration designed by an unseen intelligence”.

This indeed is why I find the art of dowsing so rewarding and successful, as I use a pendulum to detect and locate variables in vibrations. Dowsing is an essential part of the protocol for Biofield Tuning that I practise too.

With regard to the excellent question as to whether sound frequencies can heal, it is important to answer step by step. Although I am no scientist (I only hold a broad environmental science upper second honours degree) I felt I wanted to get to grips with the mechanics of sound healing more.

 We live in a world of subtle energies

I hold to the premise that we live in a world of subtle energies. Their presence seem to provide an essential key to the process in which sound frequencies can heal. So let’s acknowledge them before we look at  sound frequencies that can heal.  Can “subtle energies” be explained? Subtle energies are more difficult to prove but quantum physics is going a long way to proving their significance and existence. In order to describe subtle energies we need to differentiate between the range of vibrations belonging to the classical Electro Magnetic Spectrum of energy, and the vibrational research of pioneering physicists whose theories are strongly contested at times. A classic example of this lies with Rupert Sheldrake who coined the phrase “morphic fields of resonance”.

Sheldrake and other researchers hope that sooner rather than later the paradigm shifts. Imagine if it was the norm to recognise that we live in a world of subtle energies. This knowledge holds the potential to creating many inventions and applications.

In a growing number of academic studies it appears that there are subtle energies which behave differently to energies commonly defined within the Electro Magnetic (EM) Spectrum. Click through to read my simple post which simplifies the classical electro magnetic spectrum for you.

Are Sound Frequencies part of the E.M. Spectrum?

Sound vibrations are incredibly refined and it is not known where, if at all, they would fit in the normal electromagnetic spectrum.  In physics sound is categorised separately as a mechanical wave (vibrating of particles) since it cannot travel through a vacuum (no particles in vacuum). Electromagnetic waves are a form of radiation (energy emitted from a charged atom) and can easily travel through a vacuum. The EM spectrum or energies are measured in normal transverse wavelengths. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency. By contrast, subtle energies emit longitudinal wavelengths that travel up and down in the direction of travel. They are extremely fine forms of electricity or light inextricably linked to denser forms of energy that are readily measurable  Since sound does not belong to the normal EM spectrum, theoretically it is a form of subtle energy.

Moreover, sound organises itself into geometric etheric patterns that constantly shift, so it does not adhere to a rigid pattern. Of course many vibrations are inaudible to humans, but it is a known fact that animals, fish, birds and other creatures are highly sensitive to sound. It helps them navigate their world.

Interestingly, unlike vibrations that lie within the EM spectrum, sound requires a medium through which to travel. In the air it travels at the speed of 350 meters per second. In the water it travels far faster- at speeds of 1500 meters per second, which is why sensitive cetaceans such as dolphins can hear sound a long distance away. The denser the material the faster it is for sound to travel! I think it is because when the particles are closer together vibration travels easier from one to the next. Our bones for instance can swiftly conduct sound into our cells.

Harmonics of Tones Add Spice

Within the range of sounds audible to humans, there are harmonics to each sound that are multiples of the fundamental frequency. Humans cannot hear them all but a with a heightened sensitivity they may be able to stretch their hearing to a wider range. On occasions I hear a totally new frequency while toning or working on a client. It often informs me that there is something unusual to be cleared. Later I will explain why I deduce this.

Sound frequencies affect the biology of our bodies because our body cells have tiny receptors or antennae that respond to sounds. Fabian Maman, a sound and light healer, did excellent work studying the effect of sound on cancer cells. Like many other sound healers he advocates the exclusive use of acoustic sound for sound healing purposes. There are also some creative medical devices that work to heal cancer cells with sound. So, can sound frequencies heal? Yes they can! Maman showed how the cancerous cells altered their geometric patterning into coherent patterns after sound was played.

Effect of Sound Frequencies on our Physical Bodies

What happens at the physical level when sound is applied? Here are some of them albeit very briefly explained:

  • Our skin has receptors that respond favourable to sound for a start.
  • Water in our body is very susceptible to sound. Our bodies are around 75% water and the molecules change shape according to frequency received through the body. At times clients can actually feel water moving through their body during a tuning.
  • Our bone can absorb and conduct sound frequencies. Eileen McCusick is a foremost researcher and founder of Biofield Tuning. She stresses the significant impact of sound on our skeletal system too. She explains that our bones are piezoelectric (link to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piezoelectricity) structures that can create electricity when compressed. Applying sound directly on our bones has the same effect as vigorous exercise: it allows the bones to glow and light up from the inside, giving us strength and energy.
  • Applying certain sound frequencies to the human body will stimulate the cells to produce nitric oxide. This improves the immune system, mediates blood pressure, and deeply relaxes.
  • Resonant geometric patterning can occur in the heart upon listening to sound, thus creating a positive feeling
  • How Distance Healing Works

  • Sound frequencies increases alpha and theta waves, promoting day alertness and deep sleep at night. All this leads to regeneration of cells where natural healing occurs.
  • The human ear receives sound via a special nerve which connects with the largest nerve in the body; the Vagus nerve. This major nerve is responsible for our parasympathetic nervous system. It controls rest and digestion, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and relaxes muscles. Also the Vagus nerve directly helps control hormone release, digestion, blood glucose levels, inflammation, heart rate, and blood pressure. Moreover this Vagus nerve, so respondent to sound frequencies, stabilizes inflammatory cells in the body.
  • There have been some scientific experiments conducted that show the positive effects of sound on the human body. In particular one looked at how placing tuning forks of a certain sound frequency on certain points of the body helped relieve muscle and bone pain. As a Biofield Tuner I have direct experience of this working on my clients. Biofield tuning entails using tuning forks both on and off the body depending on the situation. Most of the time it is done working off the body.

Introducing the Notion of a Biofield

So far I have been writing of the effects of sound on the body, but the effects are also felt beyond the body in a detectable biological field of weak electromagnetic energy. This field permeates the whole organism down to cellular level. It informs the body and receives information from the body too. Interestingly, physics has moved on from schoolbook physics that says there is only space around us.

As we now understand, the energy field around a human body contains plasma which carries subtle, electric currents. Imagine the biofield is like a large bubble surrounding the body at a distance of 5 -6 feet. On the periphery is a double sheath of thicker plasma. And beyond that, we are able to connect through the ether which is a dimension where time and space are not limiting factors.

What is ether? Perhaps you did not know that both Einstein and Nikola Tesla were firmly aware of a universal infinite substance called ether? Consider that matter starts out as potential in the ether, and is the fundamental building block for material life. Then it spirals into plasma and condenses further into gases, liquids and solids.

Due to my work as a biofield tuner, I’ve become more adept at sensing the subtle changes that occur in a human biofield. This helps me tune into people on the non-verbal level. I view the biofield as a memory field that stores all personal memories of trauma. They are surely potentially measurable. That is because all matter consists of an electro magnetic energy or it would not exist. Science just has not invented a readily available framework to measure our subtle frequencies in (yet!).

Working with Tuning Forks

So, as I move the forks move through the biofield, their vibrations affect the vital subtle electro magnetic layer around the body. Our bodies lie within giant bubbles of plasma with a central internal torus. In this body core a natural flow of energy goes in both directions as it traverses all the energy centres (chakras). The flows connect the opposing ends of the bubble as if the body core is a battery with positive and negative energy ends. The flow cascades out from either end to form the outer membrane of the biofield.

A coagulation of trauma and related negative thoughts and emotions will gather in this plasma field. It is a biological field of fluctuating energy that permeates the whole organism down to cellular level. By adjusting the biofield with sound, you impact on the body systems as you release the negative impact the emotions have on your body. This makes the field more stable and less susceptible to flux. Other creatures can detect the emotions stored in our biofield. Have you noticed how dogs know for instance from a distance whether they can trust someone’s intentions? They make excellent guards for that reason.

The Power of Intention to Heal with Sound Frequencies

Meanwhile, for healing of animals or people to be effective we need consciousness to play its part. When I work as a biofield tuner I apply intention with the vibrations of any fork that I place in the biofield. An intention as a thought form is a form of energy not yet existing in the material plane. Everything moves into manifestation or dissolution. So if I intend for the client to achieve optimum health the clearances that require attention will come to my attention to work on.

Sound Frequencies Can Heal

I hope it is becoming clearer that sound frequencies have the ability to heal. They help us slow down and relax and heal. It may interest you to know that these healing sound frequencies positively affect brain waves. I have witnessed this none moreso than with my own elderly father who has dementia. In a typical biofield tuning session, our brainwaves enter the Alpha range of 8 – 12 hertz. There we enter a state of relaxed awareness with a quiet mind. Our racing thoughts go and we may even enter the theta range of 3 – 5 hertz where we fall into a peaceful sleep. Certainly for many their nights may benefit from a tuning!

How Biofield Tuning Alters a Client’s Frequencies

I am a biofield tuner, which means I tune the client’s biofield with tuning forks. I firmly believe the vibrations work at an electromagnetic level to entrain the body back into a natural harmony.

The biofield tuning procedure involves striking a fork and slowing moving it from the biofield’s periphery toward their body. I move through a mentally prescribed timeline in the biofield, at times starting in the client’s prenatal period of the ancestors or at least in the womb. The fork is able to detect any lack of cohesion in the biofield. This manifests as a dissonance or a change in the tone / vibration of the fork. It correlates with an event that caused discomfort in the client’s life. Unreleased trauma remains in the biofield like an unresolved memory. I hold the fork in the area until the sound auto adjusts to a clear tone. This indicates that the body has sufficiently absorbed the sound to clear itself of the stale stagnant energy.

Eliminate Your Traumas

In this gentle process the body’s cells morph shape as they increase their resonance with the frequency of the fork. Any misplaced energy borne of stuck emotions or trauma dissolves into an innate harmony. I then integrate the energy back into the body, and only then release it from the relevant energy centre in your body. I find this system of clearing is efficient and very therapeutic for the client. She often recognises the various stages of her process. Finally she can let go without having to go over and over their trauma in their heads. Although the process is quite simple, the experiences and exchanges often are profound and life-changing.

Example of Effect of Distant Treatment in Biofield Tuning

“I have been troubled with depression for a long time, and more recently anxiety, brought on by 2 deaths and the earlier near death of my baby, I have tried so many therapies over the years, and there is no doubt that Biofield tuning works.

What I like is there is no need to talk or rake over old traumas, Jackie works directly on your energy field and gets straight to the blockages and imbalances.

After just one session I felt lighter and brighter. Further sessions revealed other childhood accidents and traumas which has been hanging around in my energy field, causing, I believe, the low-level long-standing depression, robbing me of the vitality I know I had inside of me. Jackie also correctly identified that I was living ‘in my head’ with a lot of busy energy causing me to feel light-headed and anxious, and she managed to clear this away.Thank you, I feel so much clearer and less ‘bogged down’, and my family has also noticed the difference in me.”

Irish Round Towers Absorb Subtle Energies

So the human biofield appears to be a comprehensive energy field around the body that contains vital information relating to the body. This biofield adapts to sounds received for healing purposes. It also exists within an ambient electromagnetic field. An EM (electromagnetic) field establishes a sense of cohesion for humans. If that field is withdrawn or reduced, it seriously affects the emotional state of the person. I can draw a parallel here with the enigma of ancient round towers in Ireland where I live.  Entomologist and author Prof Callahan maintains they absorb subtle energies from the sun, funnelling them into the ambient E.M. field in the locality. He visited my local intact round tower at length during its time of major repairs in the 1970s. Among his experiments on Irish round towers he noted that their original conical tower structures created cohesion and fertility in the surrounding soiI. This enabled the monks to maintain healthy crops.

Originally these widely scattered towers worked with subtle energies, much in the same way that insects use their antennae to connect with subtle solar forces. Like our bodies, these towers could absorb, store and emit subtle electromagnetic energy.

Can Sound Frequencies Heal at a distance?

The ether is a form of subtle energy that is an extension of the plasma in our biofields. Weakly charged with electric current, it is capable of connecting vast distances in an instant. Thus it is possible as a practitioner to send my thought intent vast distances through the ether. Perhaps when the ancient cultures built monolithic structures such as the round towers, they deliberately placed then on energy nodes in the land. The towers may have tapped into the earth’s natural neural pathways, known as telluric currents. They would have created vital informational links on a long distance communication pathway.

When I work with a client(s) at a distance, I create a hologram of her or an entire group and place them on the plinth as if they were in the room. Since the wider ether impacts on individuals, I can work on them as efficiently as if they were in the room. I have some great tales to tell of how instant the work is.

Receive Instant Clearings Despite the Distance

When the client receives my intent via her biofield, she will start to process the vibrations. At a subconscious level she will reorganise her etheric patterning, or coding that is a record of her life. She can change her life pattern! Remember, we store our personal memories in the biofield. I like to call it our memory field. This is probably akin to how Aborigines could walk the song-lines of Australia and receive messages from their ancestors. Moreover my intent is amplified by the tones of the fork. Even though far away, the fork can easily detect disturbances and anomalies in the client’s memory field. As I said, sooner or later this work will undoubtedly affect the physical body. More often than not it is instantaneous and both client and I will sense movement and releases. So from my perspective, I believe sound frequencies can heal both close up and at a distance.

Rupert Sheldrake set about proving that a morphic field of resonance exists, in which thoughts and memories can travel over large distances. I myself often experience instances where others have picked up my thoughts, even thousands of miles away!

Again to quote Eileen McCusick: we live in an electric universe where all is connected. It is electricity, rather than gravity, that is the dominant force in our universe!

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