Healing with tuning forks is one of the many modalities that fall within the realm of sound healing. Personally I have enjoyed learning how to play a variety of instruments when training in sound healing. My favourites are the drum, the gong and the crystal bowls. However, sound healing also encompasses the human voice and the use of tuning forks. I have some experience in using tuning forks prior to training in Biofield Tuning, which uses a small range of tailor-made tuning forks. In this post I want to share my insights into using tuning forks for healing and other purposes.

Types of Tuning Forks

There are many types of tuning forks for healing on the market today and there are also many courses that teach you how to use them. You may wonder which ones to get! Some of the forks on sale are inexpensive and others are rather expensive. My impression is that the more you pay, the better quality of metal and design you get. This can only be beneficial when you are hoping for a clear and lasting tone from the tuning fork.

One of my favourite shops for tuning forks is a large barn in Gloucestershire, England. To give you an idea of the range of forks on sale there, they sell Hans Cousto forks, Biosonic forks, Crystal, Johnathon Goldman, Ohm Therapeutic, Meinl (based on the planetary frequency range of Cousto), and finally Solfeggio tuning forks. I have a range of the latter and find them very useful for meditating to. Each pure sound conjures up a different quality of being.

Purposes for Tuning Forks

Tuning forks can be used for healing both on and off the body. I have a set of high quality tuning forks kept within a beautiful Chinese satin folding pouch. These forks are from the Tama Do Institute run by Fabien Maman and his wife Terese Unsoeld. They work on the acupuncture points of the body and replace standard acupuncture needles. I found Fabien’s work on cancer cells most fascinating. He was able to prove how sound vibrations altered the pattern of sick cells to more whole ones again. Most forks are used both on and off the body and this is the case with biofield tuning, although they mostly are used off the body in the biofield.

Sometime forks emanate a specific tone so you can mirror it with your voice. So they are useful in teaching music and singing. Of course tuning forks are used to tune pianos. Here is a reminder of the main purposes of using tuning forks:

Forks for Energy Healing

I have experienced tuning fork sessions in many countries. My favourite one is a gracious lady in Scotland who approached me when I ran tours to sacred sites for many years. She asked if I could bring my clients to her home for a healing session with tuning forks. I have never seen such a large display of tuning forks. I was with a wonderful couple who each requested a session with her. While the wife and I sat above the healing room my stomach started to gurgle audibly from each chakra. Meanwhile the wife opposite me was feeling all her chakras opening. We learnt later that we all had participated in the healing due to our interconnectivity that had grown over our days together. Downstairs the husband was unawares that the work on his chakras, or energy centres, was having a profound effect on us all.

After experiencing a huge heart expansion, I took clients there as much as possible. Each time they left feeling elated and energised. It also meant our tour went very well of course, as any tiredness due to travel had lifted.

A Hard Lesson to Learn

Another time after giving a lecture to about 400 people I had to travel from Glastonbury to Edinburgh, and the lady I went to for a tuning fork healing found the session so moving she was weeping. She said she could see many guides coming in. I was not so aware of them but felt their presence. Afterwards I set off on the long drive and half way up the motorway had to stop with severe pains. The local hospital diagnosis was that my gall bladder has passed some stones.

It was a frightening experience that made me realise  howI had not processed the session and further had needed to ground more. I don’t think anyone advised me even to drink water, and that is a must to detoxify after these healing sessions with forks. This experience showed me how potent tuning forks can be in healing, and how I had to treat it with respect. Acting responsibly meant listening to the process and being part of it actively.

Tuning Forks for Healing Magic

I have had some beautiful spiritual experiences in the USA too, and would recommend Aiia Chriostiona in Charlottesville. However, as time wore on, I began to question these experiences in that they did not last, and I also was not conscious of the process occurring. It was more like a magical trip than a self-awakening for me. Biofield Tuning offered the answers for me and addressed my interests.

Forks For Meditation

I love the Solfeggio range of forks for meditating purposes. The Gregorian chants incorporated their frequencies and they are very conducive to higher states of being. The frequencies seem to profoundly affect the conscious and subconscious mind in order to stimulate healing and promote vitality. Various scientific studies on them appear to prove this. You may want to watch this short video if you prefer to listen than read information:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pQZLp_0wgo

Forks for Acupuncture

I have already mentioned the forks that are available from the Tama Do Institute in Malibu. These are beautiful stainless steel forks that follow the classical chromatic scale. Fabien was a jazz musician in Paris  and also he became an acupuncturist before he invented his healing art. The main thing I learnt from training with him was the importance of intent. The forks are not as fine as the needles at pinpointing specific points on the body, but with intent they seemed to work nevertheless.

Forks for Toning in Nature

Toning with the voice can have an equally powerful healing effect on nature. I first use the tuning forks to determine what to tone. When I link in with trees I strike the forks one by one against the trunk. I listen to which fork feels most resonant with the core tone of the tree, or what it most needs. Then I, or indeed a whole group, start to tone toward the tree, sending it our love and healing. This can be a beautiful experience of becoming more present in nature. I begun this practice on my own tuning the tree and its aura with my tuning forks. Then over time I discovered we could use our voices to tone.

The tree work is similar to when we work on ourselves using the forks to balance and heal our energies. We can also use toning and currently I am exploring this more. Normally in a biofield tuning session my inner guidance may inform me to break into toning. I think we are too shy of using our voices to heal but it is slowly becoming more widespread. Really the tuning forks and the toning complement one another. I usually follow the forks with some toning, but I don’t overdo it as vibrations are powerful.


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