Have you ever tried toning to improve your health? I find toning an interesting experience and would like to share some insights with you. My background in toning is as follows:

  • When I studied a course in sound healing I discovered toning as part of the syllabus. Later when I took some modules of training with Fabien Maman we practised toning.
    In my local market town there is a toning group that started up that was fascinating to partake in.
  • I took an online course with singing philosopher Chloe Goodchild.
  • In the first lockdown here in Ireland I examined the work of Githa Ben David whose detoxification method seems a useful fit with biofield tuning. Her approach using the human voice is similar to how I use the forks. I started to apply her vocal technique in my Biofield Tuning sessions and found it worked to accelerate and deepen movement and clearing.
  • Then shortly after that the transformational educating site The Shift Network introduced a toning course, the first one led by the very founder of Biofield Tuning. Eileen MCusick’s approach encourages tuners to self-heal. I found this inspiring. Physician Heal Thyself no less!  I felt I had come full circle.

Toning Increases The Flow

I believe that toning can improve your health. I was already happy with the technique I had adapted from Githa’s work. In fact I use it occasionally in my biofield tuning sessions. What I I learnt in addition on Eileen’s course taught me to tone into my own body. Have you noticed when you hum or make a sound with your vocal chords you feel more alive and connected? There is something about creating sound with our own voice that creates a stronger internal flow of energy. I think technically it activates the pathway along which the Vagus Nerve travels. The Vagus Nerve starts in the upper neck region and descends to the lower intestines. It is the longest nerve in the body.

How Vocal Toning Works

How does toning work to improve your health? When you direct your sound toward an external object, whether it be someone else or a living plant or animal, they respond to the vibrations. They shift their aura perceptibly. You can also direct your vocal sounds to a bone, an internal organ or bodily system. Everything alive vibrates and produces an active response to your voice. I find that combining intent with the tone is often far more powerful than toning for the sake of it. The toning amplifies the intent much in the same way that forks do. Your intuition informs you what tone to make, and how to pitch it. You can access with your voice a fuller range of vibrations to make according to perceived need in the moment.
When my intent is to restore wholeness and balance in an organ, the diseased organ will shift swiftly as it receives the positive impact of the vibrating tone. It can auto-adjust itself to harmony and balance.

Toning With Intent to Improve Your Health

Likewise when I am combing a timeline of a particular chakra (energy centre) I can tone to sharpen the focus of the action more.
Personally I prefer using tone with intent as to merely toning for the sake of play. Both ways are of benefit though. I like to see results that help people!
I admire the work of Githa Ben David as she proves that the vocal toning can be applied to the client’s energy pattern to really create lasting changes.

Tuning Forks vS Toning to Improve Your Health

Forks may make a more consistent tone than the human voice but nevertheless they emit a wide range of tones within it. There is more flexibility in the fork sounds if the best forks are used. There are varying qualities to the fork tones such as dry or moist, brittle or round, deep or screechy, clear or muffled, many tones or single or double tone etc

The voice is less consistent than a steel fork, unless you have done a lot of voice training. However the voice is so easy to use once you let go and relax into the toning. The voice readily adapts by actively  listening to what is required. You surrender your voice to the energy field and allow it to change as necessary for activation of healing. For that reason whenever the client may benefit I apply a little toning in my sessions

PS If you want to do a quick course on sound healing with your voice I found this one on Udemy

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