After a remote Biofield Tuning session, Celtic tree essences can support your process of healing and awakening. When I work with clients I find that the initial clearings often occur quite rapidly. Then we reach a plateau and there the real work begins of tackling systemic imbalances in the system. By continuing with treatment clients can insure against their negative health patterns returning in the future. Invariably if they stop after just a few sessions, more deeply hidden subconscious thought processes and emotions continue. These negative thoughts and emotions sabotage the good work done initially. We need to permanently remove obstacles to a good energy flow.

So for clients who choose to continue, this is where the magic really begins, as they clear their internal processes. I find that my Celtic tree essences serve to compliment these further tunings. The Celtic tree essences provide ongoing support for the client. According to what may benefit you, I offer a small range of supplementary services, including numerology, dowsing and Celtic Tree essences.

What are Celtic Tree Essences?

Essences are a form of energy medicine and can be created from plants, trees, crystals or even thoughts! They are shaken in situ and then taken as a few drops in water. Celtic Tree essences come from specific native trees of the UK and Ireland. I find these essences provide gentle support to those undergoing change or challenges in their lives.  I’ve written two interesting books on the trees that appear in Celtic mythology and the so called Celtic Tree Calendar. Using my poetry to sum up the energies of each tree, I also offer guided tree meditations. So it was a natural progression to apply the knowledge in Celtic tree essences.

The thirteen lunar Celtic Trees are delineated by five trees representing five seasons. Furthermore the initial letter of each of the Gaelic names for the season trees is a vowel – so you can identify each of tree by a vowel. Meanwhile the initial letter for each of the Gaelic names for the lunar trees is a consonant so you can identify each of them by a consonant.

e.g Aspen is E for Eadha and represents the season of Late Autumn.

Hazel is C for Coll and represents the lunar month that coincides with August approximately.

Chinese Traditional Medicine and the Five Elements

Interestingly in Chinese Traditional Medicine there are five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Wood and Metal which form the basis for diagnosis. The five elements follow the round of the seasons. Everyone has a dominant element which informs the acupuncturist. The Chinese five element types seem to correlate perfectly with five Celtic seasons. Incidentally, by comparison there were four elements in western classic philosophy. However the Celtic Year has five elements to cover the two seasonal harvests. This allows for a neat correlation with the Chinese Five Elements. Here is a diagram of the five seasons and the parallel five Chinese elements, taken from my book Tree Murmurs.

Five Celtic Vowel Trees

As outlined above, the five Celtic seasons each have a tree. Each tree begins with a vowel, as deduced from the Ogham, an early Celtic rune alphabet based on tree lore.

E: EADHA is Aspen for Autumn

I: IDHO is Yew for Winter

A: AILM is Elm for Spring

O – ONN is Gorse for early Summer

U – Ura is Heather for High Summer


As stated, each vowel tree has a correspondent Chinese element. With a specially devised questionnaire I can determine which is your constitutional tree type.

In addition to the seasonal / vowel tree there are thirteen lunar trees. These lunar influences are based on either your birthdate or current month as appropriate for you. Here is the diagram of thirteen tree consonants taken from my book Reconnecting with Celtic Trees:

thirteen tree consonants

Dowsing Your Celtic Tree Essence

I always dowse to check the diagnosis, because sometimes you will need an entirely different essence to support you. For instance, your main tree may be too strong and then you may need another one to balance its influence. Either way, the main seasonal tree (sometimes I see it as your soul tree) and the lunar tree create a unique combination for you.

Once you start taking the drops twice daily for a few weeks you may notice subtle changes in you at the psychic level. The tunings you have received can stir everything up. Then let your essences assist things to settle down into your new equilibrium.

Tuning Your Element

Sometimes it is more appropriate to have a whole session directly tuning your elements. When I do this, I use the four elements of the Western philosophy which have a fifth all-embracing element called Ether. This treatment works particularly well following a series of classical treatments. It can really help you find your power and sense of purpose.

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