Why am I interested in combining a numerology reading with your biofield tuning session? Well, I have been interested in numerology for about forty years. And I have been professionally practising Biofield Tuning professionally for about four years. Recently my biofield tuning sessions have included a numerology reading. Not many people may have heard of Biofield Tuning as it is not so widespread in Europe as elsewhere. I suspect far more people have heard of numerology as it has been around for a very long time.  

Numerology is an Ancient Art

It happened very organically. While I was tuning a recent client an idea popped into the “mail slot” of my brain. It told me she would benefit from a numerology reading. I often glance at my clients’ birth date when taking their initial notes. It seems a natural progression to start mapping out the knowledge for them. They can then embrace the core of their blockages.

I love the idea of using a futuristic energy medicine with an ancient art. One informs the other. I work very intuitively and yet enjoy a system on which to pin the intuition. Biofield Tuning provides incredible accuracy. Not only does the practitioner check out each energy centre: she uses a time line off the body to identify when trauma occurred. Any discordance corresponding with specific energy centres is traceable to the timing and quality of an energy blockage. But there is more to it than that, and I love to “zone out” when working with the tuning forks. I receive a lot of pertinent information as I step up and become a conduit for the healing to occur. Needless to say, it is important to work from the heart in biofield tuning.


Benefits of Combining Numerology Reading with Biofield Tuning

Up until now I had no interest in providing numerology readings for clients. It did not appeal as I found that a dry reading feels overly mental, and in opposition to how I operate when in a healing role. Indeed, there are so many avenues to explore in the vast field of numbers. Often a reading of your numbers may not seem exact enough. Like a good astrologer, a good numerologist is able to sift through volumes of small facts and intuit what the summary nuggets and then advise the client. I personally have received readings over the years that merely confused me in their complexity. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is not where it is at!

However I found that following my tuning a client, all that changed. I can readily sum up the issues that are paramount to deal with in order to move on. The information held in the client’s energy field informs me, and sharpens my discernment of what is pertinent in the numerology. It is like I can read the numerology on an energetic level, rather than a mental level.

A heart-mind approach

In fact, the combination of biofield tuning and numerology works perfectly as one informs the other. Let me explain further. I discovered that after reading a person’s energy field during a session in biofield tuning, I am able to see how the same distortions in frequencies occur in their numerology.  This is because I am working in a state of heart-mind rather than solely in the mental realm. This is how knowledge of the future will be – imbued with heart energy. Biofield tuning brings me into my heart-mind where I am able to pluck out the golden nuggets with no bother. The result is a confirming succinct report that offers my client sound advice and reassurance. Feedback has been so far that it is brilliant, and very insightful.

It is wonderful the way the universe works. For instance, a client may come wanting help with a career change, or hoping to get pregnant, or to lose a phobia.

They invariably learn that their energy pattern stems from an emotionally painful events in their lives that are buried in their subconscious. Through receiving biofield tuning sessions they are able to let go of this subconscious blockage. It may indeed come to the fully conscious fore and they can accept it for what it is as they finally can release it. Then more energy (light) flows and they enjoy feeling a lightness of being. When I look up their numerology, it highlights the same underlying emotional patterns. While it is natural for people to focus on external events and problems in their lives, thinking I might be able to help – the hidden originating cause is what needs adjusting. Then all manner of problems that the blockage generates now dissipate naturally.  

A Numerology Reading Empowers You

For instance, the client who had a phobia of dentists no longer grew fearful at the dentist- because her throat chakra showed up as the core disturbance for the phobia. A throat chakra is about speaking your truth- and once it had been cleared she found herself standing up to her boss on behalf of all the workers- something she never dreamed she could do before! And because she was now in her element, her boss acquiesced. There is nothing more powerful than being in your truth.

By reading their numerology after a session the client can feel empowered because they can see these emotional patterns spelled out in black and white. The reading gives shape to their experience and process the tuning engendered.  Since the client is rested and in a calm neutral space, it creates an optimum environment for them to receive the information from the numerology reading. I am sure they can embody the knowledge far better at that point, rather than if they were ingesting it at a purely mental level. Their numbers can vibrate at weak or strong frequencies and so the clearer we become, the stronger the frequencies become too, and all negativity associated with our resonant patterns falls away.

To book your unique session with accompanying reading, email me with your choice of three dates and I will respond promptly.

Here is what one client said recently: The numerology reading was a brilliant add on! I feel greatjust feel lighter and definitely stronger.

Jackie Salmon, Newcastle

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