We all can become artists of life, although the story we share can be quite different. We all can embark on a transformative journey at any stage of our life. In the following examples I share real life instances I have witnessed with clients, and I invite you to imagine you are in their shoes:

  • If you are an actual artist, imagine being able to bring your artwork to your own high standards with ease. Imagine navigating the exhibition process with no hiccups because you remain centred, and imagine the returns on your focussed work bringing you abundance and further joy.
  • Or, if you are an administrator, imagine you are juggling many strands within your organisation with ease. Imagine you park the stresses once you are home as you have clear boundaries, and imagine finding the work you are involved in is highly creative and deeply satisfying.
  • Or, if you are caring for your loved one with Alzheimers, imagine you have a sense of serene detachment while accompanying them through daily life. Imagine you feel able to juggle the many demands on you without losing your energy, and imagine you face the future from a calm, deep centre.

Your Life is like an Apple

One of the great privileges of being a Biofield Tuner is that I am able to witness personal lives unfold with beauty and harmony, sometimes in the midst of uncertainty and chaos. I see much growth in self awareness in my clients, and this is what makes the work so special for me. It is rather like the eating of a good apple. As you eat into its juicy flesh you finally reveal its core. This is the most nutritious part, favoured by birds and insects. The core influences the taste of the rest of the fruit. It also influences the taste of future fruit, when those seeds are harvested and planted. In any Biofield Tuning session, we automatically shed layers of our defence:  cumulative stagnation in our emotional patterns that clings in layers of the energy field around our bodies.Then we reach the rich tones of our inner core. Some may even call this core our soul nature. I applaud the courage and determination of all those who have stayed the journey and let go, to reach a stage in which they intrinsically know what which no longer serves them, and become clearer in what it is that serves them well. New perhaps rarely oiled emotions replaced outdated ones. They see their purpose, or direction for now at least. And they have newly found courage to move forward on their life journey.

Shaken not Stirred!

On the other hand I have had a smattering of clients who do not let go, who freeze or worse still project negative emotions onto me in the process. There is always a risk of clients projecting their injured selves onto the therapist, rather than looking inward at the connection between their intrinsic core and their outward thinking patterns. These cases are what I describe as ones where people are “Shaken, not stirred”! This sort of shaking gets you nowhere fast. You want to be stirred enough to make changes.

Detaching from what is not mine

It is so vital I remain centred in my dealing with others and in my practice. Fortunately tuning others also tunes the therapist’s biofield, so I usually can see what is going on and whether the relationship between client and self is healthy. I also don’t seem to have problems of storing others’s energies or stories – for the duration of the session I act as a conduit, often releasing for the client, but afterwards I can move on without attachment. Of course the client can release too.

Benefits of Remote Working for Client

One client recently said she thought that the remote aspect of the sessions I offer were ideal for her as she could receive and relax in the comfort and security of her own home, focussing on sensations and perceptions. She felt she was not distracted by another environment, and she was able to go deeper in her own natural space. We were able to go do many deep levels with no external distractions.  If on the other hand there is no sanctuary for you where you live, I can offer live sessions. Trust is part of the process. Whether live or remote, the best tunings are those where we surrender to the clearing and then open to the subsequent harmonic vibrations afforded by the forks.

Your Future Self Awaits You!

There are issues of mutual responsibility. My responsibility is to conduct each session with good intent, and to act as a conduit for the changes desired. The client has a responsibility to enter the process with an open heart and exploring mind, thus ensuring the greatest possibility for your future self to shine.

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