Having invested in other forms of energy healing, I am impressed by the accuracy of time lines, the physical sensations at different stages of the session and the positive impact of biofield tuning sessions with Jackie. Through video (ZOOM), her assessment of the physical and emotional issues to treat were accurate in terms of events which have deeply shaped my health, behaviours and personal beliefs. At stages I experienced pins and needles in my feet and a sensation of rippling waves through my legs, torso and head. Jackie’s communication and explanations throughout helped me to understand, and to trust her and the process. Since our sessions, I have been sleeping better, my energy levels have increased and chronic back pain has decreased; I’ve felt more poised and centred since; I have also benefited from a greater sense of detachment, made changes to improve my quality of life and even made some major decisions to move forward. Compared with other methods, Jackie’s biofield tuning approach has had the most positive impact on my system. Highly recommended!

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