I am a research assistant at NUIG School of Medicine Galway working with old age and frailty. I have witnessed Jackie’s vibrant biofield tuning on several occasions involving her elderly father who is in the middle stages of dementia. While I remain fully open to alternative explanations, I did observe very positive results each time with almost immediate improvements in mood and clarity of thought which lasted at least 24 hours. While the clinical literature is currently too sparse to draw any conclusions; older forms of energy work such as yoga or reiki are showing great promise in improving patient quality of life and are gradually being welcomed into mainstream medical practice. We already know that vibrations of sound resonate with our moods and memories, some would even say soul, and I believe that this new technique has a wealth of potential. I would urge anyone to approach such exciting new potentials openly and honestly; and wish Jackie all the best in her honourable endeavours.

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