I have been troubled with depression for a long time, and more recently anxiety, brought on by 2 deaths and the earlier near death of my baby, I have tried so many therapies over the years, and there is no doubt that Biofield tuning works. What I like is there is no need to talk or rake over old traumas, Jackie works directly on your energy field and gets straight to the blockages and imbalances. After just one session I felt lighter and brighter. Further sessions revealed other childhood accidents and traumas which has been hanging around in my energy field, causing, I believe, the low-level long-standing depression, robbing me of the vitality I know I had inside of me. Jackie also correctly identified that I was living ‘in my head’ with a lot of busy energy causing me to feel light headed and anxious, and she managed to clear this away. Thank you, I feel so much clearer and less ‘bogged down’, and my family has also noticed the difference in me.

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