Jackie was very responsive and helpful when inquiring about biofield tuning. I am interested in becoming a practitioner myself and she carried out the sessions in a way that helped my understanding of the process.

I have had three sessions with Jackie. Oftentimes I could feel where on my body she was working and sometimes felt instant relief. She pinpointed discomfort in my body that I had never spoken to anyone about but after her treatments I can now speak of them – so it’s like the trauma associated with the energy distortion has dissipated. She was also spot on with important dates in my timeline. I was also an avid over thinker, Jackie highlighted this and now this issue is completely gone, I am more present and feel like I am living less in the past. I believe biofield tuning is an essential therapy for anyone trying to move forward in life. Im learning now how illness and disease may begin in the energetic body so it’s time we start paying attention! Jackie’s approach is very special she makes you feel at ease and it’s like you’ve known her for years!

Thanks so much Jackie.

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