Just to let you know i listened to your recorded tuning on the Full Moon and associated lunar eclipse (with long-lasting influence) for May and I am really impressed with your work. To start with your voice is beautiful – so clear and easy to listen to. And the explanations and information you give as you go along with the healing is so welcome and informative. I have really benefitted from the healing. The peace underneath my legs is like nothing I ever had for the last 15 years. I have often felt I was ungrounded all my life. I feel more centred and strong in my body after doing them. I have chronic insomnia and issues with my arms/legs at night, but now after listening to the recording I am I feel getting a bit of deep sleep, and while listening to it I’m not awake but not fully asleep either! I have listened to it every day so far. I do feel I would benefit from a full healing session from you or a few over time. Thanking you in advance. Blessings

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