How to make your meeting flow easily

In this short article I explain how to make your online meeting is a success. Can you think of a time when you wished your meeting had flowed better? How can you get more creative responses at your business or special interest meetings? Well there is a simple method that can really help your meetings flow.
Due to so many meetings taking place online, we have to somehow create a sense of belonging to the group without the physicality. How do we create a sense of presence that connects?
Biofield Tuning creates an online collective space in which deeper sharing and heightened positivity occurs in the group conversation. I am offering this service to any organisation, small or large.

By example, recently I offered to tune a group of medical and scientific professionals prior to their regular online meeting. I am a member of this group and highly recommend its work. The topic for the following week was intuition, and I knew that Biofield Tuning could help open people to their intuitive juices.
After all, Biofield Tuning aims to create flow, and increased sense of presence, increased trust and openness, and a sharpened focus. All of these attributes are so vital to a good meeting.
Since the group was already well bonded through regular meetings it proved very easy to tune them.

How I Make Your Meeting flow Easily!

When I tune a group I start by projecting everyone present onto a hologram to tune. Then I open up the session with an intent if they so wish. The opening protocol is identical to what you would receive as an individual in a private session. It is essential to open the flow before doing any work in the biofield.

Throughout the session I invite everyone  to breathe from their diaphragm in gentle slow breaths like a baby would. Since there may well be some detox symptoms, they are advised to have drinking water at hand.

First of all then I open your battery flow so people are earthed and also charged with positive solar energy. Once I feel I have helped establish a good flow also they are grounded they may find themselves relaxing and feeling a sense of trust in your process.  In fact they often feel more energised by this early stage!

The Schuman Resonance is Magical

After establishing a strong clear flow between their “earth star” chakra and  “sun star” chakra I then use a pair of forks to bring both bodies energy fields into resonance with the Schuman frequency that clients find so mentally relaxing. For this I use a set of Schuman forks, meaning the interval between the two forks creates the 7.83 htz,  known as the Schuman frequency.  This is said to be the optimum frequency of the earth’s magneto-electrical field between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere, although it does fluctuate a lot I read. It is also the frequency which our brains as electro-magnetic organs when they enter in a deep resting state, also connecting to this cosmic frequency. By placing them either side of the brain this activates the pineal gland and helps connect people to their gut brain, taking them away from their overthinking head so they feel more present, more connected to their innate wisdom.

Then I swap to using a pair of forks that resonate with 111 htz frequency, which brings the collective mind into a clearer focus, in tandem with more light too. The 111htz frequency appears in what is known as the Solfeggio scale. It can bring your brain into a focussed patterning accompanied by a lighter state of being. It’s like giving your mind a refreshing shower!I may also go to your feet too if that is required. To economise on time, please imagine you are breathing your electrical energy all the way down to your feet. We finish with a protection protocol. The whole sequence takes about twenty minutes to conduct and people feel grounded, open, flowing, and more.

Feedback to Tuning a Meeting

Below are some remarks from the chat box to give you an idea. What you don’t see of course is the profuse gratitude and joy from many that came through on the video chat, an aspect that almost overwhelmed me. I would be shy myself of speaking thus so it was doubly uplifting, and I will remember the experience for a long time to come.

I found the biofield tuning session you led to be therapeutic and I felt a difference in my energy that evening so thank you very much for that offering that you brought to the group- I am very grateful to have learnt and experienced a new form of healing! 
Dr Kally

Jackie is working with intuitive thinking – the information coming in through our ears – mixed with intuitive feeling – our emotional response to sound. Intuition from both sides, is beautiful. She is working brilliantly with both. Thank you Jackie

Marvellous evening, thank you Jackie for your generous contribution, and all the ensuing chat very rich.

I shall be looking this up Jackie – so interesting! Thanks

Thank you for responding to my question. This has been a great session. 🙂🙂🙂🙂 Thanks so much Jackie and everyone.
Thank you !
Thanks Jackie, and everyone – lots of food for thought AND feeling.

Tuning forks seem to go beyond singing bowls, correct?

Great discussion again. I so enjoyed the process

Sorry, I would like to stay but have to go now. Most interesting! Thank you.

Felt amazing!

My legs definitely tingled

Filled a Light clarity in the body.

created a warm glow .. wonderful x

90%! Nice

So relaxed.

I suddenly felt very relaxed

Almost on the verge of trance

leg tingling too

It’s a strong effect!!
Thank you Jackie.
Thank you so much Jackie – that was so relaxing and interesting. Very much in trance and lots of energy flow
Quite heavy

I use my cello in the same way to feel the vibrations.

Do get in touch next time you are feeling apprehensive about making your meeting flow easily, or you simply want to optimise its chances of success. I am sure this will help you all!

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