We all need to flow well in order to face the challenges that 2022 brings us.

It struck me that working with the lunar energies will help us flow. In 2015 I wrote a book that explained the energies of the Full Moon within a lunar cycle that formed the backbone of spiritual teachings in Druid times in the UK and Ireland. The book Reconnecting with Celtic Trees holds insights into how each lunar month fed into the next in a spiraling of consciousness. I wrote the book because I wanted to offer an update on the normal approach to the “Celtic Tree calendar”, where each writer seems to more or less write the same thing. 

Recently while listening to Pam Gregory deliver a monthly Full Moon talk from an astrological perspective, I recognised how she has a remarkable gift of expressing universal movements in cosmic energies. These energies influence us all. To my surprise, she often echoes my own sentiments of the moment, and is fully awake enough to be able to pinpoint the mechanics of these vital subtle energies. 

A Full Moon study is one approach that allows us to think about the bigger picture going on. We all are affected by it and if we can use our feminine side to sense into it, we are all the better human beings for it. Also we need prompts like this to work with our feminine side- it is what the world requires now that the old masculine model of consciousness is dying.

Flow Well with Full Moon Tunings

Therefore I am inspired to offer tunings on each Full Moon that will be ready a few days in advance so you may listen to them when convenient. The intent of these tunings is to open you to the lunar influenced to assimilate it better into your own lives. This should help you ride the cosmic storm of changes occurring in 2022. It aims to bring you into greater harmony with external influences that we often feel we have no control over.

As we each evolve, we can embrace our individual life purpose more clearly and assimilate the shift taking place both in the cosmos and in our mirror world.

As time goes on we may go live with the tunings so people can share their own observations and feelings, but for now I am offering pre-recorded sessions. Orders will automatically send you the latest recording unless you specify by email.

I offer payments for single months, 3 months and 6 months


The list to select from with approximate dating is as follows:


Willow Moon- May

Oak Moon / Midsummer and June

Holly Moon – July



You are amazing –  thank you, I love it!

I will listen tonight to it all – already I am experiencing on deep deep levels far beyond my understanding on the surface level, and yet my soul knows what you say.
Sally, Richmond, Surrey
Just to let you know i listened to your recorded tuning on the Full Moon and associated lunar eclipse (with long-lasting influence) for May and I am really impressed with your work.
To start with your voice is beautiful – so clear and easy to listen to. And the explanations and information you give as you go along with the healing is so welcome and informative.
I have really benefitted from the healing. The peace underneath my legs is like nothing I ever had for the last 15 years. I have often felt I was ungrounded all my life. I feel more centred and strong in my body after doing them.
 I have chronic insomnia and issues with my arms/legs at night, but now after listening to the recording I am I feel getting a bit of deep sleep, and while listening to it I’m not awake but not fully asleep either!
I have listened to it every day so far.
I do feel I would benefit from a full healing session from you or a few over time.
Thanking you in advance.
A.D. Co Mayo

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