I know from experience that dowsing can help you in a myriad of ways and this post will give some examples. Dowsing can be done using a pendulum or a pair of rods. When I am at a sacred sites I use dowsing rods to locate ley lines.However the dowsing pendulum is in my view more versatile.

Pendulum Dowsing in Biofield Tuning

For a start, pendulum dowsing is part of any biofield tuning protocol. Since I am in my element with dowsing, I love that dowsing forms an integral part of Biofield Tuning procedure.  For example, at the start dowsing locates the position of your “sun star” and your “earth star” in your biofield. These are in effect the positive an negative terminals for your energy field. There is a two way flow of energy through and around your body. Dowsing also determines the priority area to work on in a session. Sometimes this shifts to a new position within the same session. I use dowsing as and when I wish to in a biofield tuning session: for instance when choosing which tuning fork to use next, or to check on where the boundary of your biofield is.

What type of Pendulum works best?

To be honest anything that allows a complete rotational movement works. Even a bunch of keys works! If you want a fancy pendulum, be aware that crystals have properties so depending on the intent of your dowsing, it may or not be fit for purposes. When I am in prayer mode, I prefer to use an organite pendulum as it does not need cleansing and is effective at amplifying your thoughts. The pendulum I use in Biofield Tuning is the standard one in acryllic. This is because it does not pick up energies from the clients and so does not need self-care such as regular cleansing.

What is Dowsing?

So what exactly is dowsing? It is a method of asking questions for clarity on many aspects of life, relying on the movement of a pendulum or rods to affirm or negate. In reality it is drawing on your innate knowing.  Your body action is subconsciously moving the pendulum by way of answer. In this way it helps get you out of your head and into that state of deep inner knowing. It works in the etheric dimensions, drawing on higher knowledge than intellect alone. Dowsing can help you in many ways. Here are a few examples of dowsing applications.

Decision Dowsing Sessions

Throughout my adult life I have used dowsing for many purposes. I’ve had interesting one-one sessions with people helping them with their personal life dilemmas. Led by the dowsing pendulum, they can see which train of thought is productive or which idea is taking them up a blind alley!

First we check which direction and type of movement is negative or positive for the pendulum. We can do this by asking a few simple questions for which we already know the answer is Yes or No, and seeing how the pendulum behaves. The pendulum will reflect erroneous or correct thinking by responding positively or negatively or even remaining in a neutral state. This makes for a fascinating conversation in which I am the silent witness, following the silent movements of the pendulum. I call it Decision Dowsing.  It’s nice to do it in easy chairs in a hotel lounge- if not, Zoom will do!

Dowser-Healing Sessions Can Help You

These work equally well when given live or remotely. Here I run through mental checklists of what requires attention. I also use my intuition to pinpoint problems. Then using the pendulum you ask it to transmute the problem into positive energy, or to return the negative energy causing the problem to source. The pendulum combines with my intent, much in the same way as things work when when combing a “timeline” outside the body in Biofield Tuning. The power of the mind is truly astonishing. People find it refreshing and cathartic to witness the causes of their problem. The act of dowsing can entrain the body and mind back into harmony.

Dowsing Aromatherapy Oils

I now realise that people are often quite ignorant of how to dowse solutions to problems. They simply never would think that dowsing can help you. When I was studying for a Massage Diploma course the teacher introduced a day on Aromatherapy. He set us a task of selecting three oils for using on our partner trainees. In pairs we had to choose a base, mid and top oil from a large stock of aromas. The teacher left the room for a cup of coffee and when he returned he saw I had already finished the task. He was surprised and intrigued when I smiled and showed him how I had used a pendulum to decide.

Later that evening he rang me to say how my accuracy impressed him, adding that he felt studying vibrations will lead to the future of medicine. He went onto explain how he viewed everything as carrying a vibration. When he saw me dowsing he realised that I was tapping into that world of vibrations, matching the oil vibrations to the client’s needs. About five years on, when I first came across biofield tuning therapy, I realised vibrational energies underpinned the premise of Biofield Tuning.

Similarly, if I am choosing Celtic Tree Essences for a client, I will always check my left brain decision with my pendulum so that both my right and left brain lobes are used in the choice.

House Clearing with Dowsing

Occasionally I am asked to do a house clearing. Usually it is because people feel uneasy in their own home and cannot understand why. Recently I checked a house out for negative energies. I brought my gong and buffalo drum along too as the gong can break up stuck patterns at first and then expand renewed positive energies . Meanwhile the drum is good for nurturing an area and creating a feminine receptive atmosphere. First I look for negative spots and then for ley lines that may have caused this. By ley lines I mean invisible forces, often in the ground, that go in a straight line through the property or garden. I found a negative ley going right through the house, whose source seemed to lie along the border with the adjacent property. My clients revealed that whoever lived next door did not seem to have a happy time.

The negative ley line entered the main living room which the owner admitted felt sad. She told me they seldom used the room apart from at Christmas time, when it felt warmer and more cheerful due to all the Christmas lights put up.

Upstairs was a completely different feeling. I dowsed a host of ancestral spirits of the partner, going back ages. They clung particularly around where his pillow was on the bed. No wonder he did not sleep well! After arousing them with the dowsing pendulum, toning and the instruments I let them on their way with love. I used the drum to create a soft atmosphere conducive to rest. Meanwhile the partner was downstairs having his lunch, As the bedroom cleared his headache lifted. A few weeks later I learnt that the house still felt more harmonious and that certain digestive issues had cleared up too. This is a classic example of how your health could be out of balance due to unforeseen environmental factors.

Dowsing can Help you with Remote House Clearing

Around the same time I did a remote house clearing for the parent of a colleague. At first I was reluctant, as it is best that the client directly requests a healing or house clearing, but I agreed once I learnt that the parent knew it was going to happen.

I asked for a plan of the house and its surroundings, to give me orientation. Soon my pendulum stopped over an area that I sensed was damp, and a negative ley from there ran through the living room. I advised to place a crystal on a small table on the line, or under the carpet, Since the house owner was not au fait with crystals, this was not done. Nevertheless, the house felt a lot lighter on the next visit. I was happy to have been of some help, but felt the situation was not wholly resolved. It required some follow up work, preferably with the owner included.

Dowsing Can Help You With Your Planting

Another time a forester I knew invited me to his land to see if I could dowse where he ought to plant his Siberian cedars. These are special trees and many books have been written about their healing properties. Once I entered his forest with my pendulum something came over me and I found myself talking with an air of authority over matters I had no training in! Suddenly I was talking about soil acidity, wind direction, light availability and lunar cycle. I had no prior knowledge of his land and yet he kept nodding his head in agreement and understanding.

At one point I did wonder if I was merely reading his beliefs, but felt I had to trust. I reminded myself that as each time I dowse for something new it still manages to provide a correct answer. The forester clearly felt at peace with where we decided to plant the cedars, believing they were getting the best start possible due to the dowsing.

A Few Quirky Examples of Dowsing

Dowsing can Assist Avert Traffic Accidents

One of my favourite memories of dowsing was when a traffic garda (Irish name for policeman) came to learn dowsing from me. In the course of the lesson he revealed that he was concerned about a stretch of the motorway on his patch, since it had a high incidence of traffic accidents. He was also studying shamanism and wondered if he could use dowsing to calm the stretch of road.. He firmly believed that some of the spirits of those who had died were refusing to move on. Like a haunting, their trauma fed the vibrational frequency of the stretch of motorway. It was creating move devastation as they constantly re-enacted their trauma in further accidents.

This was clearly a most sensitive traffic cop!   I encouraged him to try dowsing the location in his own time, as I knew he also believed in the power of prayer. Indeed dowsing works best when you have self-belief or a prayerful attitude. The intent was to lower the accident rate and save lives. Months later I ran into him at the local airport, and he hugged me on the spot in his full uniform! He told me that he thought things had calmed down after he had dowsed the motorway.

I have since discovered another road where locals believe unhappy spirits of murder victims linger. Not surprising, it is a scene of tragic fatal accidents. There was undoubtedly some truth in what the traffic garda was saying.

Dowsing Can Help You with Your Missing Items

I also remember a time when I had mislaid my car keys. Dowsing pointed to the fact that it was upstairs in the back bedroom, and I followed the pendulum to a  final spot where I still could not find my keys. So I used my spare keys. A few days later I moved some laundry at the foot of the bed and saw the keys glistening between the mattress and bed frame. They had become wedged themselves out of sight! The pendulum had stopped a foot away from where they were.

Hidden Wiring

Finally there was the time I was volunteering in a beautiful garden. The owner decided she wanted to strengthen a trellis archway over a path. Then she remembered there was some electrical wiring beneath the path. I immediately dowsed and told her it would be fine. However she chose not to believe that dowsing could help, and ordered her workers to dig up and check the whole area. Not only did my initial dowsing prove correct- I also had pointed out where the wires lay in a nearby flowerbed. This too proved to be the case. It is hard for those who have never experienced dowsing to believe in it, but since I have tried in many situations, I can believe in dowsing.

How Dowsing Can Help with a Potentially Toxic Situation

There are situations however where I will not solely rely on dowsing. I have a growing interest in mushroom foraging. As you may know, there are literally thousands of mushrooms that are inedible or even poisonous. Toxic mushrooms can look similar to edible varieties. Would I use dowsing to make the final decision? Well, I would first study the excellent videos online and then use my pendulum to verify any find. I would then take the specimens home and check again online. One has to put aside all attachments to the outcome when dowsing. When faced with a potential sickening mushroom, my own fears and attachments set in. Then it is wise to be wary of the dowsing income. For me, it feels like a game of Russian Roulette to rely on a pendulum to identify safe mushrooms. In this case, dowsing alone cannot help you!

Overall, there are countless ways of using pendulum dowsing to help you. You can try walking around a supermarket and dowse the purest source of drinking water on offer. The list is endless really. I wish you all the luck in playing with your dowsing pendulum! It is through adopting a playful attitude that we best learn to grow in confidence.

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