Let’s explore some healthy attitudes toward health that you may cultivate and ultimately exercise some control over. I want to mention the following influential attitudes:

  1. Awareness of the link that exists between your mind and your body leads to healthy attitudes toward health
  2. The ability to give and receive love (particularly self-love) likewise leads to healthy attitudes toward health
  3. Willingness to take responsibility for improving and maintaining your health levels creates healthy attitudes toward health

The Link Between Mind and Body

How often have you noticed that your thinking pattern can lead to a decline or an improvement in positive health? Our fears and worries form can cement thought patterns. They create emotional stress that impacts on our bodies. Thoughts affect the electrical universe that surrounds us, and they also affect our bodies. In Biofield Tuning we are able to detect these negative thoughts as they hang around in our biofield. Biofield Tuners can pinpoint accurately when these occurred on our personal timelines. Unfortunately we often repeat these thought patterns, building electro-magnetic resistance to the energy flow in our energy fields. Whilst Biofield Tuning can iron out the bumps, I know it is only the start of a deep cleanse.

During a session, I assist you in taking responsibility for your electro-magnetic make up. Whenever you recognise the destructive thought construct stuck in your memory field, and it is removed, you will notice the difference. After the session, you undoubtedly will prefer your new lighter mental state of being. Without realising you may start to prolong your new thinking pattern. It often takes more than one session to complete as there is a layering in the negative thinking to remove. So much of our thinking is borne in the subconscious. Sooner or later, this leads to long-term change as you subconsciously shift.

The Power of the Mind

The mind is such a powerful tool. It is absolutely imperative in maintaining our health. We only understand and utilise a small fraction of our mind. Yet we could harness a lot of healing energy if we became more aware. We really can create our health or lack thereof – my uncle is an example. He discovered that his aorta was only functioning for 20% of its capacity. Doctors told he he only had weeks to live. My uncle decided to take matters into his own hands and save his health and his life. He literally reprogrammed  his body with his mind. Drawing on his background in meditation, he created a focussed twice-daily meditation and affirmation/prayer. Combining this with a visualisation, he was able to fully reopen his valve within a short space of time. The results amazed his doctors.

Biofield Tuning is a gentle way of facilitating healing and transformation. Yet it too can have dramatic results. It helps you see where you may have held onto wrong beliefs or hurt that turned inward. Most crucially, you have to give yourself permission to let go in order to heal and move forward.

The Healing Power of Love

Any manifestation of real love is healing our wounds– it does not have to be of the romantic kind. Self-love is a form of love that many of us neglect at our peril. We find it hard to accept ourselves, to forgive ourselves, to engender self-respect, to know we are worthy of being loved. How often have thoughts crept in during the day that lead us to emotions that stay with us and drain us? Have you ever wished you could catch your spinning thoughts and neutralise them – how you would feel their weight lift!

In Biofield Tuning I restore the energy that you have lost. Energy is love. As I work, you feel filled with love again and a steady, even flow of energy returns. When you see it work you will want to sustain it and subconsciously will sustain that pattern. Then you will attract the right environment to do so. It is not so difficult to change as we think – we need a gentle nudge in the right direction. We find when we step out we are supported often.

Cultivating Healthy Attitudes toward Health and Improving Your Health Level

For me, true healing is not about waving a wand at someone. It’s all about facilitating your own growth and giving them the ability to control their health. For instance, when I trained as a reflexologist in the 90s I realised I wanted to primarily teach the art, rather than practise privately. I taught others how to practise reflexology on family and friends. In this way, they had a tool for maintaining health levels. It is surely more altruistic to empower people to help themselves instead of them relying on a healer. At least, I find this approach deeply satisfying.

You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

Equally, an ill person may not adopt a healthy attitude toward health, particularly as it invariably involves change. It is sometimes convenient to stay in a victim role. I have known people over the years who were adamant they had a long-term illness, even though I knew others in similar circumstances who had transformed their debilitating condition. They may have used a combination of dietary changes, exercises, and new thinking. The latter includes believing the illness is there to teach them something about themselves.

Perhaps you have met people who had cancer return to wholeness? In addition to natural medicine and diet they embarked on an internal healing process. They decided to observe their thought patterns. Often they started to love themselves more! Of course it is not always easy to identify the causal link between mind and body, particularly if you are ill. If you can to find a solution to your health problems, surely it is worth a try? If you succeed, you gain an incredible sense of empowerment and fulfilment.

The Hidden Danger of A Support Group

Support groups can be protectionist and avoid these issues of taking responsibility. Do they for instance ask themselves what role they individually played in creating their health issue? Or do they regard their purpose to be about serving and protecting their rights? My experience with family members who have either dementia and autism raised questions for me. I saw how to some extent things could be halted or reversed with nutrition, stimulation, environment.

Taking responsibility for our collective health has never been so important. What do I mean by this? I feel the time is right for a collective shift toward new definitions of good health practice. Yes, diet and exercise and being in nature, and belonging are all crucial. When times get tough though, we can reach more stable states immunity and good health if we understand it is within our power to do so.

First we have to see the link that exists between our mind and our bodies. So many times we fall ill because there is an imbalance in our mind borne out in our physical bodies. And we can actually try to heal that imbalance through exploring how. Mindfulness is an excellent tool for starting to care for the mind. The popularity and growth in both mindfulness and meditation is part of the process that benefits support groups and individuals seeking change.

Our Bodies Teach Us Where We Are Blocked

When we do, we find that often the little niggly things that have been going wrong in our bodies self-rectify. Biofield Tuning taught me that each area of our body relates to a set of emotional pre-conditions. For instance, recently I got a very annoying bulbous eruption on the top of my foot. I had vaguely heard of a ganglion, but until I experienced one I had not taken much notice of the word. I knew I had to take action. Apart from an array of things a quick Google search advocated, I thought about my knowledge gained from biofield tuning. Noting the ganglion’s location, I knew it was connected to wanting to move on but not being able to move on. That was so true! By focussing on that problem I was not adopting healthy attitudes toward health. I was creating a disaster in waiting for myself!

Unblocking Our Pain with Our Intent and Understanding

How did I help the painful ganglion subside? I contemplated its significance over the next few days, being gentle on myself in the process. Impatience will not cure anything! I used a weighted tuning fork on the ganglion and took plenty of salt baths and did not over-exert the foot. As quickly as it appeared, within ten days it was gone again. Thankfully it has not reappeared in a long while. I am sure my repeating the intent to clear myself of the erroneous thinking helped too. It helps to link the stated intent with your breath and with certain energy points on your body too.

A ganglion is a small affair compared to a life-threatening illness, but it all starts somewhere. If we care for our bodies in such an attentive way, and can sweat the small stuff – the larger stuff can take care of itself. I wonder how many with a serious illness have neglected their emotional health prior to becoming ill? As a carer in the past, I know the heavy toil that often brings on the carer’s own emotional health.

I am by no means judging others, as I have been ill myself in the past due to external pressures I had no control over. I write here for those who have freedom to alter their situation by adopting healthy attitudes toward their health. Even in the most dire of situations, most people can do something to benefit themselves!

The Politics Of Co Creation: Creating Healthy Attitudes Toward Health, creating a new paradigm

The word “co create” is so popular these days, and that starts with creating and maintaining positive health.

People who cultivate such an attitude make ideal clients for Biofield Tuning, as they understand the vital part they play themselves in the process of healing and transformation.

There are those who are already ill, and they may need encouragement to change. Illness is not always a matter of back luck – if we are to become co-creators we have to step up and claim our own part in the process.

Illness can Perpetuate Victimhood

Those who come to me with chronic illnesses are coming out of desperation, and sometimes this is enough to awaken them to the possibility of at last letting go and changing, one step at a time. It is a joy to watch the layers of self-perpetuating fears and lack of love fall away. Love in the end is the creative healing force, and we have to start with self-love.

I recently experienced an interrogation at the hands of an organiser of a support group for a specific illness. She said she had to weed out scams, and therefore had to field off every single healer who approached their group. I saw a deep irony in the fact that the healers she was turning away may have been the very vehicles they required to become free of their illness. Yet they had turned inward and protectionist. It reminded me of another organisation who a cousin of mine is affiliated with. One day I offered my services as I knew it could help and he was very defensive, more or less saying there was no cure: they needed to galvanise themselves into creating more monetary support for themselves. The possibility of improving was not on the cards.

In the future I am sure illness and labels will become less, as people see that each person has their own unique story, and the illness they have is just an indication of their whole energy imprint.

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