Can We Really Remain Positive in These Challenging Times?

Do you have a tendency to worry, or to lack confidence? If so, you might find it difficult to remain positive during challenging events like this pandemic, because it will bring out your fears. I suggest that this crisis offers us all wonderful opportunities to face the shadow of our fears square on. Normally though, when we share our fears with a friend, we receive advice along the lines of “Try to remain positive!” We all must have received this advice at some point in recent months. It’s become somewhat of a mantra. To me, it often seems rather a glib remark. What does it mean in reality? And more to the point, is it healthy to strive to be positive? If we are putting strain on ourselves to be something else, perhaps to negate our feelings and try to force ourselves into a happy mood, this can lead to a false sense of self, an inauthentic identity, that can delude us.

Prevailing wisdom tells us that by repeating the mantra “I am happy’ or “I am at peace” over and over, the thought will automatically work on us to change our interior reality, and we’ll start to live in new desired ways – ways in which love and courage, rather than fear and worry, prevail. Is that really going to work during challenging times such as these, though?

Niggling patterns can prevent us from remaining positive in challenging times

I have sensed for a long time that these mantras are a distraction to the real process of change, because they do nothing to address underlying patterns that spring from the subconscious. I suspect for most of us, pushing down those niggling doubts and negative feelings with mantras and other self-help formulae to combat the fearful states (especially during challenging times), we can slide into will only work for brief moments. Why so? Because we carry patterns with us in our lives that stem from the subconscious, often learnt at a very young age.

Make the small steps toward change

It is not easy to remain positive during challenging times, but there is a way to rid ourselves of these patterns so we can start anew, especially if we are willing to first accept where we are and how we are feeling.  Moreover, it need not take that long to establish a new pattern, because such are the times we live in there is a greater possibility for us to swing swiftly into new patterns. A widely recognized energetic shift is affecting the planet and all sentient beings, facilitating change at a breakneck speed in us. We just have to make the small steps toward real and lasting change.

Real change that reflects real personal growth has to embrace being aware of and accepting our feelings.  Most of our negative patterns come from us not trusting our ability to cope with uncomfortable emotions. So we invent coping strategies. These serve us in the short term but hinder our real growth and satisfaction levels.

The Seeker of Reassurance

For instance, when something seems wrong in you or your family’s life, do you seek reassurance rather than staying with the discomfort that you feel?  When your friend or partner reassures you have you noticed how the emotional pain subsides and you feel better- for a short while… and then it returns. Reassurance is like a pain medication that only alleviates the symptoms, not the cause. You can’t accept the tension of the worry and so you seek to suppress it with external reassurance. In the long term it undermines your confidence and ability to stay calm. Instead, this pattern of seeking reassurance feeds our incremental insecurity and anxiety. In the end, as we mature, we realise we had best must stop seeking external reassurance.

Unravel yourself with Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning therapy can genuinely help you to remain positive during challenging times by unravelling this previous unhealthy pattern. With the use of a select few vibrational tuning forks, it coaxes you into a neutral state where you are able to respond to potentially worrying situations in a calm and freer manner, where you are free to hold back from falling into an old negative pattern.

There can be a multitude of reasons why you fell into this pattern depending on your life story, which is in reality of little consequence! Instead the biofield tuning technique quickly can ascertain the root cause energetically and work at re-establishing harmony by normalizing the dissonant patterning in your electro-magnetic field. As a consequence you feel less compelled to go through the same vicious cycle of seeking reassurance over and over. In a matter of time you lose all compulsion to repeat this wasteful pattern. Life is precious, so why not live it more fully?  Next I’ll give another example of how negative patterns work.

The Perfectionist

Are you a perfectionist? Do you know why? Often it stems from our childhood. We desire to be perfect as we believe that only then will we be loved, or useful. We cannot live up to the high expectations we impose on ourselves, so we start to feel bad about ourselves. To combat that awkward feeling, we strive even more- and hence another vicious cycle is born.

Again, Biofield tuning breaks the vicious self-destructing cycle so we are free to live and love in a freer manner. We are able to accept ourselves as who we are. It really is that simple – we let go of false patterns and feel lighter and freer to live. Our energy levels rise and we feel more alive. All because we stepped off the diving board and plunged into the waters of our emotions, knowing we would not drown.

Looking on the Positive Side

I am finding during this Coronavirus outbreak, many of us have time to be more introspective and reflective. This is an excellent way to remain positive. We are shedding the superfluous distractions and embracing the simple pleasures of life such as walking and gardening and talking to friends and family. We are simplifying our lives. Is it not time to also simplify our complicated selves? By doing so we often find a new grounded self that feels authentic and effortless. Indeed, for me, true spirituality begins with this ease of acceptance and trust and openness in life. We don’t need to go anywhere else, and we can stay with our painful emotions whenever they arise and watch them dissolve through observing and accepting. And when we work on ourselves in this manner, we also work on the world. Since our emotions go into the same electro magnetic field that holds us all in its liquid grip, the next possible step is to be able to stay with our collective pain and embrace it, because we know it is only a layer waiting to be dissolved.

The more people clear themselves of the manmade patterns they have created to avoid pain, the better equipped we will be to face times of crisis such as we are in now.

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