I am offering an exciting and deeply meditative new series of workshops will take place at the Yurt in Charlestown in Fife on Sunday August 18th at 10.30-3 pm as Jackie has now moved to Scotland! It is part of a five part series entitled Tuning into the Tree Realm. The series takes you inwardly round a complete lunar cycle. Jackie believes that reconnecting or deepening our connection with nature and its elements is vital healing work for our times.

“In this experiential workshop we are working with the energies of the trees. I believe that trees form a group soul and that the various species are sub-categories or aspects of the group soul. They offer us a clear route into the nature realm by which we can connect more authentically with nature beings and energies. When we can perceive them at a non-physical level we are absorbing their vibrations and receiving their healing vibrations. This can become a reciprocal relationship in which we connect from our living heart space into theirs.” 

Jackie is a long term author, guide and Biofield Tuner who offers her own specific tree meditations in combination with group tunings as the main tools in these workshops. They can be taken as a standalone or as part of the series. 

The biofield is a scientific term for the connective energy field that surrounds our physical bodies. 

Biofield Tuning is a powerful energy medicine that uses specific tuning forks in the personal biofield that surrounds each of us.  We can use tuning forks to facilitate an open flow throughout our bodies.

The forks’ vibrations serve to clear, reintegrate and release all blockages to our energy flow. When the flow of energy is open and moving in the biofield around us we automatically feel centred, still and more prone to a healing experience.  We feel more present and light after a session generally.

Trees are placed similarly within the biofield. When the tree biofield interacts with us our electro-magnetic structure is affected. This also occurs in reverse..Tuning our biofield with intent to link with the trees brings peace and awareness of their dimension.

We will work with the seasonal Heather and the dual lunar trees of the Hazel and the Crabapple. Each meditation and tuning will be followed with a group sharing where we can build up a picture of the essence of each tree. In addition we open to receive subtle energies unique and valid to each of us from the elemental realm. 

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