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Flow Well with Full Moon Tunings

We all need to flow well in order to face the challenges that 2022 brings…
Energy Healing

How to ensure your meeting is a success

In this short article I explain how to make your online meeting is a success.…
AutismHealing DementiaMind and Bodyreflexology

Cultivating Healthy Attitudes toward Health

Let's explore some healthy attitudes toward health that you may cultivate and ultimately exercise some…
Energy Healingtuning forks

Tuning Forks for Healing come in a big variety

Healing with tuning forks is one of the many modalities that fall within the realm…
Chloe Goodchildsound healing

Toning to Improve Your Health

Have you ever tried toning to improve your health? I find toning an interesting experience…
Energy Healing

Tuning Your Four Elements

Sometimes, generally after an initial series of classic biofield tunings, I will offer the client…
Celtic Tree essencesEnergy Healing

Celtic Tree Essences to Support Your Healing

After a remote Biofield Tuning session, Celtic tree essences can support your process of healing…
Energy Healing

Dowsing Can Help You

I know from experience that dowsing can help you in a myriad of ways and…
Celtic Tree essencesEnergy Healing

Can sound frequencies heal?

I am a firm advocate of the power of sound frequencies to heal all manner…
Energy Healing

The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum Simplified for You

If we The Frequency Range within Electro Magnetic Spectrum The electro magnetic spectrum covers a…

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