When I learnt Biofield Tuning from its founder Eileen McCusick one thing struck me in the gut. She constantly reminded us of the necessity to breathe deeply. She was adamant that breathing not only releases any stuck emotions; it minute by minute enables the energy to flow through your body, especially when the impediments are removed. This powerful effect that breathing facilitates cannot be divorced from the intent of the practitioner during a session. In many ways the forks mainly serve to amplify this combined effect of focused intent and focused breathing. Without the support of active breathing the forks cannot be as effective in clearing and subsequently healing.

I began to think more carefully about the nature of breathing. Eileen aptly describes the breath as the carrier of light. We are electrical beings she says, so we emit light. The more electricity in our biofield, the more light we emit. Breath is our most intimate form of energy healing. We can use the breath to carry the light into our biofield and bodies. We can allow our breath to energetically strengthen our immune systems and build up our voltage to cope with any crisis or trauma that we encounter.

Tuning forks are relatively new phenomena in the realm of healing and sound therapy. They can be used on ourselves or on others. What happens if we want to give a session but we don’t have any forks on us? I believe we can work with our intent and breath to create a similar effect to what the forks do. In fact, working with the skeletal breathing technique we can have fun learning how to direct it into our bodies. As a self-help tool, there can be nothing freer than using our breath wisely. After all, that is what the mystics and adepts have taught us through the ages.
So I have adapted the protocol of biofield tuning and the method for clearing and empowering the various chakras (energy centres in our body) so people can use breath to do similar.

During my new online group sessions I will incorporate breathing exercises into the routine. This will allow participants to feel the power of combining intent with simple creative breathing processes. The forks I use are carefully selected for their extreme efficacy so when you put it all together biofield tuning is an incredibly powerful force for change.

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