We have to shine our light now.

The time of uncertainty continues. It brings up a wide range of emotions in us. For me, I have had to face the uncertainty of my dear father’s life as he was thrice admitted to hospital in recent months, and then admitted to a long-term care home. The weeks were filled with drama and I never knew where it was going as it felt out of my control. I had been ensuring he could live independently for the last ten years. Then external forces seem to take over, such as an irreverent system of hospitalisation that leaves an old man with dimentia in a bed alone as they slowly conducted tests again and again. As they shunted him from ward to ward, his emotions must have swamped him and he withdrew exponentially. For those who care for their elders, all sorts of emotions arise in such circumstances, including guilt, anger, grief, loving concern, fear, apprehension…I let these arise and know I have to acknowledge them and not suppress them. I was surprised at my own strength to deal with it alone. I just stayed present, focussing on what had to be done.

When I lifted my head above the parapet, I saw that many people are responding to the Covid 19 crisis with different thoughts and feelings. I felt it was like a merry-go-round of emotions that I was witnessing. And I sense that somehow we have to get off that merry-go-round and move forward. How though?

Darkness and Light

There is darkness and fear at large in the world. And yet we are beings of infinite light. It depends on what level you are viewing life. I  can say that because I believe we are not just occupying a 3D world – my spirit tells me we live in a multi-dimensional world of infinite possibilities. We certainly are not chemical body masses alone. We exist as electrical beings too.

Light is synonymous with energy. When our energy flows we automatically fill up with light- and glow with health. I am sure or hope that many of you have experienced such moments of joy and awareness. And when I practise the wonderful art of biofield tuning, I witness clients open up to that light nearly every time. We bring the light into our bodies by a combination of deep breathing, intent and vibrational adjustments in the electro-magnetic field around us.

Trust in the Process

Another aspect to these uncertain times concerns TRUST. When confusion and negativity starts to occur, and we find it hard to make sense of our world, it is wise to cultivate trust. I do genuinely sense that there is a higher purpose to the current crisis. My personal belief in a layering of dimensions to life becomes crucial. Whenever I let go and trust, I start to see things differently and know that our inner light and magnetic core attracts events on the outside to mirror where we are at. Again, this is one of the outcomes of biofield tuning. People’s lives change as they lighten up.

So if we want to navigate this perceived storm, we must each start to take responsibility for our own light, for our own unique energy. It’s really that simple. We do make a difference. We always have – and collectively we are powerful. We each have massive potential in times of crisis. We can start or continue to unravel the traumas we have have accumulated. We can sense that deep connection to each other and to Source. In that way we will be ready to move forward. 

Unravel Your Potential

Unless we can own our light and commit to it, we may well be in for a rough time. So, shine your light now for all the world to see!



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