About Me

Jackie Queally, Biofield Tuning Practitioner & Author

Jackie Queally

“Visualize the sea as a neutral state of being, ebbing and flowing in harmony with deep cosmic rhythms. Now imagine the waves moving. See them as your emotions tossing themselves to and fro, building up tensions, threatening and disrupting your life flow. From Day 1 of our lives our emotions get stuck in the “Biofield” that surrounds our bodies. These emotions naturally prevent us from experiencing good health and reaching our potential. So let me help you recognize and effectively remove those hidden blockages that prevent you from reaching your potential. Raise your energy levels and sleep soundly.”

You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

Biofield tuning works at various levels and spans a wide spectrum of experiences that humans relate to. The more a person is willing to let go of past pain and hurts, however subtle, the more successful the outcome.

A Chequered Past

As a child I was a sensitive, attuned to my environment and its subtle dimensions. Naturally in early adulthood I explored healing, which I recognised as an aspect of my soul purpose. My earliest trainings in the 80s and 90s were with medically trained doctors (Dr Nicola Hall, Bayly School Reflexology; Dr Carol Brierley, Prometheus School of Healing). I created “Reflexology for Self-Help” classes which I ran for many years in Edinburgh. My approach to healing has always been to give people tools to improve themselves, so they can take charge of their lives.

Then for ten years I ran my own tour company specializing in Scotland’s sacred sites. Moving to Ireland I continued guiding people to places of great natural beauty and energy. Simultaneously I pursued my interest in therapies, and for a few years even worked as a body-centred Raynor Massage therapist, helping clients release deep stress and pain. I also continued writing books that acknowledge the dimensions of subtle energies.

I Found Biofield Tuning, or Did It Find Me?

Once I found Biofield Tuning I knew that this was my final destination when it comes to therapies. I am one of a relatively few Biofield tuners in the Republic of Ireland from the original batch of fifteen fully qualified therapists Europe-wide. When I first began to practise Biofield Tuning in 2016 I used to help many women therapists who were quite self-aware. Then I broadened out to help a wider range of people including an Irish shaman, a builder, a professor and an editor, men as well as women.

Working From A Distance

In 2018 I started working remotely too and this has been as rewarding as live sessions for both client and I. As the internet opens up my services to an even wider group of people I truly appreciate this wonderful opportunity to help various members of worldwide community evolve. The more authentic we become, the better our world becomes.