Distant group healing i.e. remote group healing form part of my biofield tuning repertoire.

Distant Group Healing

The hour long sessions cover a wide range of topics. Distant group healings can support you in a very real way as you navigate through these times of uncertainty. There are so many internal triggers that occur when times are uncertain. In a distant group healing using ZOOM I project you all onto a hologram on the plinth I am working on. Then through intent I start with the forks and am able to pick up and address any obstacles to the collective flow. As a result the entire group feels more relaxed and energised. Earlier this year I introduced open group healings and the response was very positive. The healing work is gentle and yet goes deeply as our collective energy empowers the process. Any negativity present does not affect those participating as the intent is to transmute this into positivity and flow.
I urge you to try a distant group healing in order to see for yourself how effective distant group biofield tunings are. Here is a recent testimonial:

My energy has been moving much more easily in the body since the online group session. I feel lighter and more free and energized! Thank you so much! I bought many of your audio files of the sessions too. Malika, Deepak Chopra meditation teacher, Hungary

The costs of remote group healings are low and the value is high. It is a most cost-effective way of experiencing biofield tuning.

Distant group healing sessions in biofield tuning offer a cost-effective way of supporting yourself through times of uncertainty

Times of Uncertainty

When you are facing uncertainty many of your energy centres take a knock. For instance, you may feel less empowered in your solar plexus centre, or less able to communicate in your throat centre. There may be naturally a lot of fear stored in your sacral centre, or depression stored in your heart centre. Off the shoulder there is often a collective fear that lingers. Then there are many subtle forces that gather in the half-chakras that biofield tuning addresses. Half-chakras are very unknown and deal with more subtle emotions and deeply buried thought patterns. I personally find them very interesting to work with on clients.